Beerfest Asia 2015 Thoughts

Craft Beer Asia

I attended the trade event for Beerfest Asia 2015. All in all it was a good opportunity to meet fellow local brewers, local distributors and share a couple of beers. Here are some thoughts I had on the event:

  • Archipelago was holding a beer-and-food-pairing workshop in partnership with the employment and employability institute.  I thought that was a good start to push for more craft awareness in the f&b industry.
  • There wasn’t much ‘trade’ activity going on – distributors were busy making sure their booths were ready for the public session, neither was there much networking to be done. A good number of ‘trade visitors’ were from the media(myself included).
  • The trade session quickly escalated into people getting started on drinking early.

Some thoughts on the rest of Beerfest Asia:

  • Food options were limited and disappointing(akin to previous years). Pre-prepared bar snacks and fried offerings by Harry’s Bar led to…

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