The Beer Burger: Beerman “Cooks”

Good day fellow beer lovers. It’s been a while since I last wrote and the amount of material that I have to write is quite a lot for the next few days. First off, I went to the Omakase Degustation at Sensei Sushi for my friend’s birthday and it was great. I had paired beers with the dishes that night but the amount of writing involved is immense. That will happen next week since I was too focused on eating rather than documenting it. For a good background of the dinner, check out my cousin, Mikka Wee, write about the dinner on her blog at:

Moving on, I wanted to write about my favorite things to do with beer, using it as an ingredient for dishes. People love using beer as an ingredient for dishes such as fish and chips where beer is added to the batter. That’s cool. I like the idea but the concept of using beer for cooking is a fairly complicated procedure. Using the ever available San Miguel beer is a great start to cooking with beer but I’d rather use one of my favorite beers around, Kapuziner’s Hefeweizen (German Wheat Beer).

Excuse me for word salad. I guess you guys want me to go straight to the point. Well here it is,

The Beer Burger with the Beer

First off, I use a simple recipe for my burger. It’s no frills and no bullshit. It’s a straight up burger with beer added to the mix. No pork, no extenders and definitely no gourmet-ified superlatives. A burger is a burger. Except for a burger with foie gras, now that’s gourmet burger. Here’s the recipe that I use:

Burger with Beer

Just follow the instructions of the recipe and you’ll be okay. Just get the meat, add the seasonings and add beer. It’s like making clay doh. You can’t mess it up. If you do, do what I do. Have your father do it all for you (lazy ass son).

Since I had a lot of beer, I also made some beer braised onions. It’s a companion piece for the burger. Here is the link:

Cooking the Beer Braised Onions

As seen at the title of this post, it says Beerman “Cooks.” The truth is, I didn’t cook. I had my dad cook the whole meal because I’m more of an eater than a cook. I’m lazy that way. The reason why I dropped myself is because I didn’t like the cut on the onions. I told my dad not to cut the onions that way. I wanted large cuts because you never see short caramelized onions. Caramelized onions are great when they’re long and stringy. Yummeh.

By the way, making caramelized onions is not rocket science. Cut them long, add butter, put the beer, leave it be at a low flame for 20 minutes and probably add a little bit of salt. That’s it.

To add more fun to the burger, we added some mojos! Look at the previous photo, at the top is a package of mojos. Now, that’s a great combo! 😀

After that, we cooked them burgers.

Cooking Them Burgers

I made a huge as patty for my burger so I needed to put a weight on it. The best way to cook this burger is to grill it. We were lazy that night so we used an electric grill. Still, it was awesome. I used the drippings for gravy the next day. It was awesomesauce.

So after that, we finished cooking the burger. We had some buns toasted and viola! The beer burger is done. Scroll up the post to see the final product again!

Making burgers at home is the best experience around. It’s so easy to make them and you are ensured of the quality. Making them at home is is very cost effective as well. AND, you can use awesome beer. Use a tablespoon or two. You can drink the rest if you want. That’s what I do.

Get a kilo a beef, don’t get the ground beef. You’re just buying the latak (the discards) of the butcher. Get a good chuck and mix it with a little sirloin and have your butcher ground for you. Buy some mojos are get a side dish of your choice. I recommend trying it out with some freshly cut potatoes from the talipapa.

At the end of the day, experiment with the recipe. I also recommend using lighter beers such as wheat beers for cooking. Anything stronger will be harder to cook because the hops of beer become extremely bitter when cooked. Just a rule of thumb.

Enjoy cooking and drinking people!

Beerman out!

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