Suds and Grub! Oreo Edition!

Good day fellow beer lovers!

I remember a month ago during the holidays when I was in Davao. Now, Davao is a great city. It’s a great place to live since nature is around you and the people are warm and very relaxed. The problem with Davao is the beer selection. With that problem, I was forced to think of solutions to satiate my hunger for  suds while also having some great grub to pair it with.

Nonetheless, I didn’t get to fully satiate my hunger and thirst for a great pairing but I returned to the foundation where I found beer and food pairing to be one of my passions in life. It is the simple Oreo cookie and Cerveza Negra!


Cerveza Negra

Sounds weird right? We usually attach the Oreo cookie to the pairing of milk, the awesome liquid from the mammary glands of Bessie or my favorite line “Galing sa dodo ng cow!” It is, for a lack of a better word, a classic pairing. How can you go wrong with milk and cookies right? How can you go wrong with sugar and transfat in the middle of two dark chocolate like round plates of awesomeness?!?!? You can… Because, Cerveza Negra and Oreos is the bees knees! I REPEAT… THE BEES KNEES! 😀

Now, I’m going to follow the format of a cooking or food blog on how to make something.

First off, go to the nearest supermarket or convenience store in your area and get Oreos. After you get the Oreos, make sure to go to the liquor section and search for a Cerveza Negra. Sometimes, stores are out of stock of the brew or the store does not carry the brew. To add to that, visit the liquor section because there might be some better brews out there but I’m highly pessimistic about it. One thing’s for sure, go to a decent supermarket and there will be Cerveza Negra on the shelves for beer. After that, go back to your home because eating Oreos with beer looks weird when you’re out. I know right? It’s stupid! If you can drink beer with sisig, why not cookies?!?!

Once you’re home, chill the Negras first. I’m okay with doing the beer below zero thing with the Negras. Leave it in the freezer for an hour and then you’re set to start the pairing! With the chilled suds, open the tansan and pour it over any glass you like. I recommend using a coffee mug so that your relatives or roommates will think it’s coffee and you won’t get teased. Believe me, it happens to me all the time.

Next, open the Oreo packaging like it’s the last stash of food in the Earth during the zombie apocalypse. Do exactly as I say because… It’s awesome that way!

With the Oreos opened, get one cookie and dunk it like Michael Jordan on your coffee mug full of Cerveza Negra. Bring your hand with the cookie towards your mouth and bite it. Bite it first. Let it settle in your mouth like a guy who got friend zoned for a duration of five seconds. Feel the soft yet luscious cookie of obesity on your tongue and let it linger like the song. Once satisfied with the linger, chew on it like you’re chewing Batangas Beef Tapa because that’s how cavemen eat!

After the long and beautiful but tedious process, finish the cookies and the beer.

Thank me later!

Beerman out!

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