The Holiday Post Part 1

Happy New Year fellow beer lovers,

Just like you guys, I celebrated the holidays so I was preoccupied with copious amounts of food and drinks that gave me the reason to slack off and just enjoy the time. With that in mind, I am sorry for posting a new article just now. I can be lazy that way but nonetheless, I promise to post regularly from now on.

Moving on, the holidays was a time for me to reconnect with friends and family. With this occurrence, it necessitated some celebratory drinks! As with this blog is primarily about beer, I celebrated these moments with beer and a few glasses of liquor as well.

I met up with my good friend Rommel during the holidays to catch up since the last time we saw each other was months ago. At first, I wanted to check out Black Sheep at W Building but it was too busy that night. My friend wanted to just have a relaxed night so we proceeded to The Bottle Shop of Global Beer Exchange.

We each had a drink and we choose the beers on tap.

Fat Pauly's Lumad Strong Lager on Tap


I chose the Lumad Strong Lager for Rommel since he told me to chose the beer for him. I chose it since he was not yet familiar with the complex flavors of beer. The strong lager had enough of the flavors to be easy to drink for neophytes while have enough complexity to differentiate itself from the normal brews that are available in the market. Imagine the beer like a regular beer that you can attain anywhere but cleaner in flavor and smoother in drinkability.

Fat Pauly's Lumad Strong Lager

Add a few notes of Langka (Jackfruit) and you got an awesome brew by Pauly! He definitely liked the brew and he was surprised with the strength of the brew. He only had one glass but admitted that the brew was great for a relaxed night out. The brew is at 8.5% abv. It is quite strong yet the hit on you is just right. Good beer will always give you an awesome yet relaxed feel.

Holgate IPA on Tap

Since there were no other IPAs (India Pale Ales) beyond the Holgate IPA, I decided to give the Australian brew a try. The India Pale Ale started with a nice malt and biscuity body. The taste of this description is like drinking a pale pilsen at first without the bitter lingering finish of the brew but thicker or stronger in taste. It is followed by hints of pine with a strong essence of lychees. I like it! I like it a lot! 

Although I like it, I wish there were other IPAs avaialable. The pricing of the brew is too high for me and the American IPAs are better when it comes to the hop flavors of their brews. The Holgate IPA is good but I prefer my stronger and bolder American IPAs.

I placed the glass beside the bottle just for visual reference
I placed the glass beside the bottle just for visual reference

Nonetheless, the IPA is a great starter for people on IPAs after they have been exposed to Pale Ales. If you’re ever looking for an IPA to start with your beer journey, Holgate IPA is a good start.

PS: Never go directly to an IPA. Going straight to an IPA is regularly an off-putting experience. Regular palates are not used to the bitterness of IPAs.

Since Rommel was hungry I decided to order some Chorizo Pamplona at The Bottle Shop.

Chorizo Pamplona

Thinly sliced and subtle yet complex in flavor, the chorizo is one of my favorites. It’s one of the best pica-picas around due to its well balanced flavors. Some chorizos can be too salty or full of paprika. The Pamplona is just right that it is a versatile chorizo perfect for anything on a relaxed night. I think one of my future dreams is to have a piggy farm and just make chorizo pamplona so that I’ll never run out of the stuff!

The night ended with a night of great conversations and great buzz from the suds that we had. With the company of beer and food, a time for catching up became better!

Beerman out! Happy New Year folks!

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