Suds and Grubs (Beer and Food Pairing): Guinness and a Flourless, Sugarless Chocolate Cake


Happy holidays everyone!

With the yulitede season, I flew in to Davao at the behest of my relatives for the holidays. Sadly I had a hard time coping with the beer selection here but luckily I found some Guiness Extra Stout at the Swiss Deli.


Today also marks the birthday of one of my closest cousins and his older sister baked him a flourless,  sugarless chocolate cake for his birthday dinner.

With the beer that I got, I had an opportunity to find a good beer for pairing with the dessert.

FYI: Guinness Extra Stout comes direct Ireland and it is significantly better than the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout cheaper 330 ml can that you can avail in most supermarkets. The Foreign Extra Stout comes from Malaysia and it’s horrible! Please avoid it at all costs!

Moving on, beer and food pairing is a passion of mine when it comes to beer. You can never dissociate beer from food. The biggest reason why I’m such a beer geek is because a great pairing of beer and food is one of the best gastronomic experiences around!


So now! Let’s start with the pairing…


The Guinness Extra Stout is an Irish Stout. The Beer style is a dark beer because of the higher amount of dark roasted malts in the brewing of the beer. The taste of the malts impart notes of coffee and caramel while having a thicker and slicker texture while it is being drunk. This beer is a great beer to get started on your beer journey if you like chocolates or coffee!


As stated in the title and the earlier part of this article, the cake is flourless and sugarless! It’s just the way I like since I despise sweet chocolates. Dark chocolate is much better than milk chocolate. By the way, dark chocolate I’d the healthy chocolate, quit lying to yourself thinking that your run off the mill generic milk chocolate. It’s full of sugar!

The cake is what it is. It is bitter and full of dark flavors such as earth (It sounds yucky but it’s not! Improve your palate please!). It is moist and it is just divine. The mango on the top provides just the right amount of sweetness to the cake for people who can’t tolerate the bitterness.


The reason why this pairing works is the melding of the chocolate flavors of the beer and the cake. The pairing is celebrated with the sweetness and slight carbonation of the beer which balances all the flavors in the palate.

To add to that, the malts of the beer add body to the cake. Since the cake is flourless, the cake is too light for my taste. The thicker texture if the beer balances out the feel of both in the palate while cleaning out the heavy flavors off the cake through the carbonation of the beer (as said in the previous paragraph).

After eating the cake, the beer finishes of the birthday dinner well. If you’re getting a lot of chocolates soon, try getting a Guinness or Murphy’s from your local grocery and give chocolates and scouts a try!

Happy holidays everyone! Beerman out!


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