Pub and Grub: Burgers and Brewskies

Last Thursday, my favorite scuba diving couple (by default), my cousin (the ever famous blogger, Mikka Wee, yes I’m plugging her, check her stuff at and I went to Burgers and Brewskies at The Fort (I refuse to call it BGC, I don’t like calling cities as strings of letters). This was my second time to go here and I am honestly impressed with their burgers.

The Indio Pale Ale

The last time I was there, I went for their charity drive for Yolanda Victims. It was the perfect opportunity to try the place out with my friend and fellow beer advocate Bryan. The only reason why I didn’t write about my first visit was that I didn’t bring a camera at the time. Yes, blogging nowadays needs pictures. People love pictures. I love pictures. Everyone loves pictures.

Moving on, I said that I was disappointed with their beer selection during my first visit. I didn’t know that they had Katipunan Craft Ales’ Indio Pale Ale on tap at the time. For that reason, I am sorry for being an arrogant ass to the owners of the place. When you name your place Burgers and Brewskies, I expect a decent selection of beer. At the end of the day, the beer selection was decent. The shortage of beers from Global Beer Exchange due to importing related issues is to blame. Again, sorry for the arrogance Burgers and Brewskies, the beer selection is good enough. I’m looking forward to the time when the American craft beers are available. The burgers are perfect for the stronger and more aggressive beers from ‘MURICA!

Since this is a beer blog, I ordered the Indio Pale Ale on tap. My fellow beer evangelist Mr. Eli Convocar of Books Bites Brews ( told me that the Indio Pale Ale is hoppier than the bottled version. I was curious about this tidbit of information so I ventured into ordering the double serving of the Indio Pale Ale (Php 290 and zero centavos) along with my food.

Honey Sriracha Wings and the Indio Pale Ale

My order consisted of honey sriracha sesame wings (Php 195) and the Kandi Burger (Php 265) to go along with my Indio Pale Ale. I love the honey sriracha sesame wings! Besides being a hardcore beer evangelist, I’m also a Chillihead.  The wings had the perfect balance of heat and sweetness followed by an earthy and nutty finish due to the sesame. I loved it the first time around and I was definitely satisfied with my second time eating the wings. It was perfect with the Indio Pale Ale for the ale had enough of the sweetness and hoppiness to tickle your palate with a menagerie of flavors. It’s like intercourse (I like to keep it PG 13… NOT) in your mouth.

I also like to call myself a gastronomist; the hipster in me hates the label foodie. I’m so over it! My favorite part of the beer experience is the pairing of food and beer. The combination of the two is the best gastronomic experience around.

The Kandi Burger and Indio Pale Ale

With that interest in mind, I loved how the Kandi burger is a perfect pairing with the Indio Pale Ale. The Kandi burger is sweet to the point that it’s greatly balanced with the savory and salty nature of the bacon. It’s amahzing (Happy Endings reference)! The Indio Pale Ale has enough of the sweetness of the malts and with the hoppier nature of the ale; it leaves the palate clean to the point where the umay factor of the burger is negated.

At first, I wanted to order Call the Nurse, the awesome burger with the brilliance of having mac and cheese as the topping instead of your generic American cheese. Mikka ordered the Call the Nurse and I loved it that she was weak enough not to finish the burger. Thus, happy panda. Happy getting obese like a panda.

The Call the Nurse Burger was surprisingly one of the most balanced burgers I have ever tasted. Sometimes burgers can be too salty or too savory. The mac and cheese had enough lightness to it to make the burger very balanced. Well played Burgers and Brewskies. You have a winner. You deserve the hype for the burger.

With regards to the Indio Pale Ale, I’m impressed with Raffy, Kiyo and the other people involved with Katipunan Craft Ales. The only critique that I have for the Indio Pale Ale is that it lacks a little sweetness from the malts. I bet that you guys will only make the ale better in your future brews. Kudos guys, you deserve all the success.

Fuller's Extra Special Bitter

At the end of the night, Jason (the guy from my favorite scuba diving couple… by default) wanted to order a beer besides the beers we ordered. I recommended that he should try out Fuller’s Extra Special Bitter (ESB). People think that the ESB is a really bitter beer. The truth is, it’s a well balanced beer. English beers tend to be maltier but balanced compared to American beers (the English are known for their malts, Americans are known for their hops). The ESB at Php 150 is a great bargain for a great beer. It is malty with just a small amount of bitterness to balance the beautiful flavors of the malts of the beer. I highly recommend Fuller’s ESB if you’re eating the Call the Nurse. It is pure beauty.

After drinking the Fuller’s ESB, we all headed out to our homes after the dinner. It was a happy dinner where I got to invoke the powers (beergeekiness) upon my friends.

The Beerman approves Burgers and Brewskies. For a place to grab an ale and devour some grub, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. Finally, I have a place that I actually look forward to go to at the Fort.

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*I forgot to take a picture of the Call the Nurse, I didn’t want to waste my time for you guys because it was that good

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