Beer Myths: The Beer Belly

Yes, I said it. It is a myth. This myth ticks me off. Whenever I go out, it irritates me that people associate beer with getting fat and being lazy. They always say “I’ll drink a cocktail instead; I don’t want a beer belly.” The truth is, it’s your lifestyle that makes you fat; not the beer.

Take this into consideration, late night outings result into binge eating and binge drinking. No matter what you eat or drink, you will tend to consume more calories than normal. From the extra sisig to the last shot or last bottle, it’s the lifestyle that the person practices that makes belly, not the beer.

Image from Mike Lewis from flickr

Although the myth still permeates till this day, science (yes, SCIENCE!) has proved that beer is actually beneficial to everyone.

Charles Bamforth, chair of the Department Food Science and Technology and beer expert at UC Davis, states that beer in moderation is actually beneficial for health. He states in his findings that “beer is not comprised merely of empty calories. Rather, it can contain significant levels of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and fiber.” Moreover, he states that “”In truth, the majority of beers on the market contain relatively low levels of carbohydrates.”

Science has saved the day for beer lovers. Just remember, beer is beneficial for health purposes. All it takes is a little moderation and a better lifestyle.

*For a more in-depth discussion on the matter, check out the link in my sources.

Source: by Mike Lewis:

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