The Beer Pour

With the glassware discussed in the previous article, it is time to move on to the pour. Pouring a beer is a tricky thing. There are several ways to actually pour a beer and the debate is an endless one. This post will show the different styles of pouring a beer to give you the choice of which would be best for you.

This link is from The speaker in this video is Dave McLean, an owner of a brewery in San Francisco. This pouring style is the style that most people are used to. This pouring style is easy and good. Using this style would be great while you’re starting out.

This video features and in-depth discussion on pouring and tasting beer. I recommend watching this video just for the eloquence and mastery of Dave McLean on the topic.

The other link is a pouring style that is recommended by Randy Mosher. Randy Mosher is the writer of the book “Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink.” The pouring style is difficult compared to the first but it does make the beer taste better. This is my personal opinion. Don’t take this as verbatim. My take on the pour is that it allows the beer to be fully aerated thus helping the beer reach optimal flavor in the least amount of time.

The last link is the pouring style for a German Wheat Beer. German Wheat Beers are different from most styles due to the high amount of wheat. The wheat gives the beer a larger head (beer foam). To add to that, most German Wheat Beers still have the yeast inside the containers. Due to this occurrence, pouring a wheat beer is similar but different in the tiny details.  Below is the video made by Cicerone (beer’s version of a sommelier) Robert V. He gives an in-depth discussion on the style itself while talking about the effects each step of the pour.

Pouring a beer is not that complicated. It just so happens that there are tiny details that sometimes become obsessive compulsive sometimes.

With that in mind,  it’s up to you which one suits you the best. If you think that a certain pouring style makes the beer better, then go with it! 

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